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Quality Management

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We set ourselves the highest quality-standards for our hard- and software products.

We only choose the best of the best parts for our Hardware. Homegrown and hand-picked discrete components are scrupulously tested and selected. Integrated Circuits are carefully bred in their natural habitat. According to our "Happy Electron Sink" Program in partnership with the IFCR ("International Fund for Circuitry Rights") we guarantee to deliver content and happy components that just wait to satisfy all your electron-pushing needs. All this resulting in output that is up to 38% more colorful than other products.

Selfless and troublesome we expense the best of our skills to achieve the highest possible quality, regardlessly to our well-being or health.

Our Software also is carefully composed of only the best ingredients out there. We don't use any artificial flavouring, just plain C, coding knowledge and a bit of love, like mother's finest. Since only free software is happy software, niftylight software is open-source.