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...on debian

  • import archive key (Fingerprint: 895D 8086 8FEF 100C DA82 0393 16CC 4680 AA46 5E22):
wget -qO - | sudo apt-key add -
  • register niftylight package source in /etc/apt/sources.list:
deb unstable main
deb-src unstable main
  • update
sudo apt-get update
  • install plugins:
sudo apt-get install niftyled-plugins
  • install tools:
sudo apt-get install ledcat ledcap niftyconf
  • optionally install contributions
sudo apt-get install niftyled-vlc

Continue with "First steps"

...on Gentoo

Emerge layman if you don't have it already:

emerge -va layman

Add the niftyled overlay (if you don't have already):

layman -f -o -a niftyled

Emerge plugins:

emerge --autounmask-write niftyled-plugins

Emerge Tools:

emerge --autounmask-write ledcat ledcap niftyconf

optionally Emerge contributions:

emerge -av niftyled-vlc gst-plugins-niftyled

Continue with "First steps" from source (other OS)

setup all of:

optionally setup:

First steps

Optionally look at this minimal step-by-step example project to get started


Creating/acquire a LED-setup XML by...

Test your setup

  • launch a niftyled application
    • ledset if you never ran niftyled with your hardware before.
    • ledcap to capture the screen to your LEDs
    • ledcat to send an image file or an animation to your LEDs)

Further reading

Check out the documentation and niftyled app documentation or seek Support for further info